Deadzone Orx - Ripper Suit Marauders

Wow. These guys took forever, literally months (elapsed) to complete. I really lost my painting mojo as they took so long. I’ve not painted models so packed with tiny details before. I have to adm

Paint Rack

New paint rack holder type thingy is here. Wonderful, however I’m now going to waste the rest of my life arranging them in different configurations and orders. By color, by type, by manufacturer, by

Deadzone - Scenery Part 1

After backing the Deadzone kickstarter I have a mountain of Deadzone scenery sprues piled up, crying out to be started on. So I’ve tackled just 4 of the sprues in order to experiment with what l

Descent - Shadow Dragons

Another foray with the airbrush. I wanted a dark shadowy purple so left the black undercoat showing as my shading. It was hard to get purple to look as vibrant as I wanted over the black, so I e

Deadzone Orx Pt. 1

Made a start on my Deadzone models from Mantic. I liked the look of the Marauder faction made up of Orcs Orks Orx. They have the feel of the old Games Workshop Orks from the 90s, a kinda WWII vibe

Descent - Merriods

What’s a Merriod? I haven’t a clue, some sort of water demon fish thing I think. Another airbrush experiment, I sprayed the base colour direct onto the model - no primer. To my surprise it worked

Descent - Elementals

Very strange models combining all four elements into a single piece. I used the airbrush to apply base colour to the yellow and lower blue areas, with a small amount of masking required. This gave