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Deadzone - Scenery Part 1

After backing the Deadzone kickstarter I have a mountain of Deadzone scenery sprues piled up, crying out to be started on. So I’ve tackled just 4 of the sprues in order to experiment with what l

Descent - Shadow Dragons

Another foray with the airbrush. I wanted a dark shadowy purple so left the black undercoat showing as my shading. It was hard to get purple to look as vibrant as I wanted over the black, so I e

Deadzone Orx Pt. 1

Made a start on my Deadzone models from Mantic. I liked the look of the Marauder faction made up of Orcs Orks Orx. They have the feel of the old Games Workshop Orks from the 90s, a kinda WWII vibe

Descent - Merriods

What’s a Merriod? I haven’t a clue, some sort of water demon fish thing I think. Another airbrush experiment, I sprayed the base colour direct onto the model - no primer. To my surprise it worked